Friday, November 6, 2009

Today was so weird. I went to E.A.M.S. and had a presentation on the winter Olympics. I got to touch the gold metal too. I want to go out and win one of my own playing baseball or some kind of sport. The mettle is so heavy too. One kid in Each grade 7 & 8 class will get her autograph. It was also cool, because we got to miss the first 2 classes. Today was such a fun day.

Well we were supposed to go to a boomer game on Sunday but I will not be able to make it, because i have to work. I tried to talk to 7 people online and tested like 4and just went to talk to some others that were working tonight. No one is able to take my shift.

Band is doing a fundraiser, and we are selling pointsettas. The plant is $15 and for every plant sold I get $5 from it. Most of that money will go towards the band camp that is comming up in April or may. I am so excited to go. I nead to book it off so I don't work. It will be so much fun.

At school we are doing a math month and every morning we have to do a math problem instead of reading.


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Super Cool new look on your blog!! Way to go!!

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