Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today a serries of events happened. first of all there was one of the girls yelling and swaring at me and told me that she wanted to get into a fight but onlyif i started it. I told her that I would make it easy on her because I would not touch her and then she backed off. She was not happy. After that she trys to set me off again. I hate it when they take all your friends and you are left alone but I just sort of left it and that made it even worse. Well after that all day i was called a failour and the guys would not give a reaction. One of them like me tho. (eww)


Hes said...

One six more months left of school, then it will all over. Those girls are going to grow up with big regrets of how they treated people. Don't be like them. You're better than that!!!

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